Vollkit Software

Volektra’s Tech Platform connects all your Vollkit Hardware to your phone, giving you full control of your electric vehicle's health and allowing you to set multiple drivetrain parameters to tailor the driving the experience you want.

Vollkit Tech Platform

Complete EV control at your fingertips


  • Highly Responsive Mapping Tools with calculations of own rotes
  • Adjusting motor power strength directly on your phone
  • Real-time monitoring of speed, battery status, distance and duration

For fleet operators, our cloud platform provides a one-stop solution for fleet management and optimization.


Monitor and record a wide range of data over time…

  • Motor power​
  • Mosfet Temperature
  • Speed
  • Pedal sensor Status
  • Elevation
  • Remote Control status
  • Voltage
  • Battery Status
  • Motor Current

With over-the-air updates, your Vollkit not only gets better over time but allows an increasing number of technical issues to be solved remotely without any need to visit a service station.


  • Keep your app updated automatically
  • Adjust advanced motor settings
  • Keep track of your driving experience

If you’d like to know more about Volektra and the products we develop, or you just want to find out more about EV culture and how it helps us all, get in touch.

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