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Moped Vollkit

Our Moped Vollkit provides an all-in-one high-performance smart platform around which anyone can build an e-moped.

Unique & state of the art

State of the Art Solution

Removing powertrain and drivetrain concerns, our moped solutions operate at efficiencies of up to 96%, offering the best power-to-cost and torque-to-cost ratios on the market.

Capable of powering any light 2-wheel motorcycle, our patented motors are designed in-house and manufactured by our expert partners to provide unparalleled quality and performance.

Our engines promise quality, performance and reliability at an affordable cost.

High Range
With Volektra’s innovative battery technology giving your moped a range of anything up to [ 10-15% ], you don’t need to worry about riding too far off the grid.
Optimal Efficiency
Our power management systems offer next-to-no wastage — whatever power you charge into your moped, you get back as driving force.
Superior Power Output
Using advanced embedded systems and algorithms, our controllers and sensors deliver unmatched performance.
Durable & Reliable
Manufactured to the highest standards for maximum reliability, the Moped Vollkit will keep you rolling trouble-free.
Tailored Software Settings
Our software suite gives you access to your own drivetrain sizing so that you don’t have to waste time searching for the right combination.
unrivaled experience

Revolutionary Tech

Incorporating revolutionary controller and sensor technology, our e-moped motors deliver outstanding performance and an unrivaled riding experience.

Capable of running 6-step, advanced vector, and field-oriented options, our controllers offer modularity and performance at an affordable price not seen before.

If you’d like to know more about Volektra and the products we develop, or you just want to find out more about EV culture and how it helps us all, get in touch.

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