30+ Years of Development and Execution Experience in Mobility.

We strongly believe that complimenting new electric vehicles with converting millions of vehicles on roads in to electric, is the fastest and least polluting way to sustainability. Conversion saves 4 times more carbon than a new electric vehicle over the whole value chain.

Our Company

A German-based technologies company, Volektra is a hard-tech firm with a very definite and singular vision — to transform the world of micro-mobility into a 100% electric realm.

Central to the company’s vision is the development of its proprietary VSAC technology. A full-stack drivetrain solution, VSAC merges cutting-edge hardware and software to provide an electric conversion option that changes the economics and viability of EV production for both manufacturers and individuals.

It’s this VSAC tech that lies at the heart of the company’s plug-and-play patent pending conversion units — ‘Vollkits’ — that can be used to transform existing micro vehicles into EVs. Consisting of advanced PMSM motors driven by state-of-the-art gyroscopes, Bluetooth Low Energy RF, and groundbreaking drive algorithms, the units surpass anything else on the market in terms of cost, user experience, range, and safety.

With Vollkits offering manufacturers and individuals an inexpensive and effective way of joining the EV revolution, Volektra is confident they can help convert wider vehicle culture into a sustainable, electric one.

What’s more, with the conversion of existing vehicles generating only 25% of the carbon produced when manufacturing an electric vehicle from scratch, Vollkits provide not just a fast but a clean way to get millions of EVs on the road.

We are dreamers & doers.

Why Us

By lowering the cost and increasing the performance and efficiency of electric drivetrains, Volektra is bringing the EV option to everyone.

You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on an e-bike, and your company doesn’t need to spend millions developing one.

With the Volektra team having over 150 years of combined experience in the mobility industry and having worked with some of the world’s most established OEMs (VW, GM, and TATA, to name but a few), the team has the know-how to achieve this.

Our team comes from the best global OEMs

With Volektra’s Vollkits offering a clean, affordable, safe and high-performance way forward, we may all be on the verge of a much brighter future.

Meet The Team

Manish Seth
Founder & CEO
Marek Hric
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Juraj Hric
Chief Software Advisor - Blockchain
Dr. Thomas Schmitz
Chief Engineering Advisor - Chassis
Chief Developer - Electronics and hardware
Prof. Dr. Walter Commerell
Chief Engineering Advisor - Electric Drivetrain and Battery Systems
Ruo Ximin
VP - China Operations
Weronika Radtke
Head - Volektra Sp. Z o. o.
Gaurav Mehra
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer - India

If you’d like to know more about Volektra and the products we develop, or you just want to find out more about EV culture and how it helps us all, get in touch.

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